Newly updated in my etsy shop is this darling little Octopus purse. I've got a few of these to list and I had taken a whole slew of pictures some time ago only to find out that I actually quite suck at photography and I needed to redo them all. That's how we learn I suppose! So this picture turned out a lot less blurry but I'm still not certain I like my composition. Loving the colors but the angle of the shot is still not what I want.
Keep practicing Rekoj!
Funny how one can have such a steady hand for fine detail hand painting with thick screen printing ink but when it comes to holding a camera I get the odd sensation of having two left feet ... or er, eyes? Anyone have any suggestions or advice?
It's just something I have to keep at and I know it will get better. Better get better that is - if I've got any chance at all to Make It in this craft world I got to figure out how to take better pictures!


~Stella said...

I dig the Octopurse!!


Athena's Armoury said...

Adorable bag!!! If you feel like your hands are a little unsteady with the camera, you can always try using a tripod.