Bumbershoot Prep

My Bumbershoot bags are nearly packed. The pendants are all packaged, tucked and labeled and lined up in little rows. All that remains on my to do list is to finish carving my new price tag stamp and to use said stamp to finish tagging and packing the textile pieces. 5 Shoulder bags, 8 hand bags, half dozen kid shirts, a dozen cuff bracelets, 20 checkbook covers and 75 pendants.
I'm interested to see the outcome of Bumbershoot and I'm keeping my
fingers crossed for success ... but oddly enough that doesn't necessarily
mean a sell out for me. I think what I want is an affirmation in some
form or sign or interaction that pursuing this path with my art is the
Right Thing To Do. A conversation, a new connection, a smile - all would bring the feeling of success I think.
Or maybe I feel this way because
even if I don't sell a single thing I will still feel that I am a
success. Purely just because I set out to take on this monumental thing
and I did it. And the momentum of it will continue. Makes me feel like
having a ruby red glass right now to celebrate!

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