Part of what I love about reading the blogs of other artists is that I love seeing the process that artists go through to get to a finished piece.

Now, a business card design isn't exactly fine art per se... though some call it the ultimate design challenge.

A biz card is a major player towards a potential client or customer's first impression. It plays a key role in your brand identity and is a placeholder for the "feel" of your business/work. It is a simple little piece of your company that a customer can take with them.

Now, combine all that business card brain churn with the fact that they usually are ordered in large quantities which brings out my image commitment phobia quirk. (I can't even commit to a single design which is part of the reason why I am anti-screen print for my work!)

Needless to say, the process of "whipping up" some new business cards for myself was a bit more challenging than I initially thought it would be. So I spent hours playing in photoshop, tossing out just about everything. Finally deciding to toss photoshop itself - for the design process anyways - and I went back to my good ol trusty sketchbook. Back to the drawing board shall we say. And this is what finally came out of it. And I'm quite a happy girl.

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