Right When You Need It

Sometimes things do work out.
Actually, they usually will.
Sometimes, you just have to push through the week of production - late nights and coffee cups and movie marathons because you got tired of the radio and bleary eyed mornings and bruised palms from over-use of a pair of pliers and brain static from the over-extension of your multi-tasking button and then Friday hits you. Friday. Already.
And then help was offered.
If someone is sincerely offering help and you sincerely need it - then take it. It will bring happiness to both parties.
Sincere thanks Denise. Without you, this bag would not be full today of happy-packaged-ready-to-go-awesomeness. You rock.


tyesha said...

good luck this weekend!

Dawn said...

Hope you sell bunches of pendants this weekend! I'm bummed that I won't get to come out and see the indie crafters, but the ticket prices are atrocious!