The Wild Telephoned, Will Call Again and Wants to See You

My housemate, Xtina, is a tarot reader. She runs a business called Scarlet Foundry Tarot and this is primarily how she pays her rent. Ever since I first met her she has been an inspiration – she dances with Hands of Kali, she’s traveled and lived overseas, supports herself and her daughter by doing something she loves and she gives the appearance of never compromising on following her dreams. One of those true artistic souls.
Now, she has offered to give me a reading multiple times and I had never yet taken her up on it. Not enough time, not the right time, not sure of what questions to ask… yadayada.
But last night I took her up on it.

Ever since Bumbershoot, and maybe even starting a bit before, my mind has been brewing with discontent. My ramblings have taken me further from wanting to do what I felt I should be doing. Things that I had dreamed of doing for ages. Despite all of the achievement of the previous weeks I was feeling stagnant. I was craving change.

So late last night, after Alexus was tucked and sound in bed, I joined Xtina in the kitchen with a bottle of wine as my offering and she gifted me with a General Reading.
Except for adolescent dabblings, I have never had a tarot reading. The experience was remarkable. The cards and Xtina brought things to the surface that resonated instantly. Things I knew but hadn’t acknowledged or things I had acknowledged but had chosen to ignore. A reading that left me feeling relieved, gratified and shifted. I won’t go into too much detail – mostly because my knowledge of the cards is limited – but the primary points and players for me was my creativity. And a warning from The Empress to embrace said Creativity and let go of Productivity.
It hit me and resonated like a Tibetan Prayer bowl singing through my soul.

The image above that I have posted is the first burst to come out of it - "The Wild Telephoned, Will Call Again and Wants to See You". The drawing is still intrinsically me – but the piece overall is freed. Unplanned, drawn on office recycling and non-precious.

And while I was drawing I was struck by the idea of a little homework assignment for myself: For the next 7 days, I will blog a post a day and instead of using just any ol’ image of whatever I’m working on or what strikes my fancy, I will MAKE an image to use. Maybe it will all be just like this first one – thrown together in a frenzy of creative play on my lunch break. Maybe they will be more substantial. Maybe less. I’m not assigning myself any rules to this project. Just the simple rule of posting one completely brand new fresh image a day.
Let’s see what tomorrow brings shall we?

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