Yachats OR Bust

If you get a chance to go to Yachats, Oregon then by all means - go!
It is in all honesty one of my favorite places on earth. In fact I even blogged about it here before.
One part sandy beach and one part perfect NW coast tide pools and all parts a chill, relaxed town.
And if you can manage to make it there during a negative time then feel truly blessed. I saw way more sea life and tide pools than on any other previous trip. The tide was out so far that we could actually walk out past the rocks!
This first picture is the view from the house we stayed in. Luscious!
And here is a lovely little cluster of barnacles and starfish:
And with a turn to my right more rich tide pool action!
All in all a lovely trip, despite the sickbug that I had caught. Which still hasn't entirely gone away - probably because I was having so much fun this weekend the bug wanted to stick around. Can't have that so off to an early bed with me!
I'll leave you for the evening with this gorgeous sunset and in the distance is my boyfriend doing what he does best: goofin.
Hugs, cheers and welcome back all!

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