Has it Been So Long?

I suppose so... how on earth did January get Gone this fast?? I had so many things I was "Going to Do". And here it is, a day before I leave on vacation again.

In part I know I have been distracted. I've been alternating between feeling researchey inquisitive due to the amazing exhibit I went to and feeling domesticly inclined. This month has been filled with things such as organizing, cleaning, clearing, reading reading reading, painting painting painting and the begininngs of my first quilt. It's been lovely actually. Just boppin along, following my bliss. No show to prepare for. No deadlines looming.

But I feel... not quite guilty and not quite discontent, but somewhere between. Shifty.

I had all of these Goals I was shooting for which I had managed to sweep under the rug for awhile - rationalizing that I was burnt out and needed the break. Which is/was true. December rung me out. But December was also a Rekoj success and I feel like I took all that spark and growth and energy and just well... swept it under the rug. Packed it all up in a box and shoved into a corner. Put the lid on AND covered it with a blanket.

Now all those Goals are knocking a bit louder, a bit more insistent and it's time to pull that box back out. Time to get Rekoj back on her feet.

Some goals for February, just to put them out there to the Universe:
- Finish the Website
- Continue with The Wild series and make more prints / greeting cards
- Post all remaining photographed pendants on Etsy
- Make a fresh batch of Rekoj clothing and gather friends for a modeling photoshoot
- Finish the 2 oil paintings in progress and begin the 3rd that's been sitting in my head

Busy, but not impossible. They just all kinda go together.

First things first though - Tommorow, (at an ungodly hour) I will be departing with Andy via flight to spend 4 glorious days exploring the desert with his family. I've heard it may rain, which I'm actually kind of excited about. It's not everyday that you get to experience rain in the desert. My watercolors are packed and with luck I'll even remember my camera. I'll be back on Wednesday with an update on my adventures!

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