A History of Users

Ah yes. A return into the swing of things. Rain is raining, winos are whining and cranes are swinging. Just another day in Belltown. Is it the stark contrast of a vacation spent mostly away that is making me feel glum? Or is it the swift return to action with the moving forces around the fate of my home? Barely a day after the new year and the emails are flying with the attorney. Yippee! Welcome 2008!

The contrast with vacation is that while I was away from it all I realized just how NICE it was to be away from it all. It's so easy to get swept up into everything. Taking a bow out with a tip of your hat is quite necessary at times, as it certainly was for me. Am I refreshed and ready once again for battle? Nope. Waiter, I'd like another order of vacation please!

Despite the impending battle I've still got some ideas and goals for my art in the coming months. I want to paint more. No more of these little visions sitting for months in my head - time to let them free! I already started last night by finger smearing some vibrant oils into a thirsty old cupboard door. Yep - "Horizon Starts Right Here" is on it's way out. I also want to work more in the Wild series and add them to Etsy as prints. I also want to get back into the habit of daily Etsy listing. Time to find all those pendants happy homes!

And then of course there are the usuals - none that require a resolution per se, but just some ideals on living healthier and more balanced. Cooking at home more, more scheduled studio time and more priority given to actually making it to the gym! Ah sweet New Years.

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