Studio Arranging Bug

Yep indeed - Rekoj caught it too. Seems like just about everyone has gotten some sort of new year's organizing/arranging/cleaning bug and I'm no exception. My primary motivator was the gift of an Ikea flat-file from my folks. Totally an awesome and much needed gift, but man did I have a handful getting the thing in here!
Has anyone else built one of these things? Did it take you FOUR hours too? A power drill would have helped I suppose, but I'm stubborn and started with the tools the cute little guy in the pictures told me to use - as in a manual screwdriver.
Okay okay ... it really wasn't that bad - kind of fun, actually. But it DID take me four hours. And that isn't counting the time I spent organizing and moving my old filing cabinet that used to sit in it's place. Or the time I spent drinking wine with Betsy & Xtina....
Anywhoo - here be the first phase of the glorious results!

Phase two? Actually putting stuff IN the flat file....

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