Paper Theaters and Productivity

Oh long weekends - they are always so wonderful and then they always come to an end. Of course, it is still Monday morning and I have the whole day ahead of me, but I can already feel the closure of it. The return to the regular regime.
It's been a good one though. Movies and rest and friends and painting and art openings. And I finished assembling the paper theater from Little Robot and already have it up on my wall by my bookcase.

Saturday evening I attended
Femme Fatale!: a group show presented by Ghost Gallery and Blush Studio. My friend Betsy of Baddins Design had a piece in the show, as well as Alan Hurley. The show was quite good - I was sparked and inspired by a number of pieces there, such as a triad by Julie Luke. None of the pieces were quite well enough lit though, so you had to get pretty close to them to really see. Plus, the place was packed enough that trying to step back from a piece to see it was pretty much impossible. Guess that means that the opening was a success - though I'm guessing that it was more to do with the fact that the event was sponsored by Dewars whiskey. Offering free whiskey sure does get a lot of people to come out to your opening ... but then, are they really there for the art?

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