Take Flight

I've been having a reluctance in posting lately. Maybe because I just got myself into vacation mode and I can't seem to get back into the swing of it all. Three cheers for vacation mode!!
For instance - this past weekend was completely open - a perfect opportunity for a getting things done studio weekend and what did I do?
Well, it was all fabulous fun that's what.
Friday evening was a spontaneous trip to Ballard with my friend Kirsten for catch up chatting over nosh at the Copper Gate / exuberant happy houring which turned into some time of non driving abilitiy which meant that we wandered down the hill onto Market Street and investigated the wares of a fabulous shoe store and then Sonic Boom records. Where I of course ended up forced to part with a large chunk of my paycheck... Never ever ever go in there after happy hour. It is very very dangerous... =)

Saturday, after a fine amount of sleep in I awoke to the need to "get things done" so after a slow breakfast I organized a field trip out to the SODO neighborhood for a little clothing rescue mission. And much to my delight Kirsten wanted to join in. So come noon found the two of us up to our elbows in crowded full bins at the Goodwill Outlet. I've now got a whole bag of new clothes awaiting their Rekoj transformation.
Of course, instead of getting busy on those when I arrived home I started playing with a lengthy sewing project. Which I also didn't finish come dinner time where I jetted it out of Seattle down south to Olympia for dinner and Star Wars with that Andy guy. A nice restful evening in preparation for the day full of painting on Sunday. Not oil painting - oh no - much more fun. Wall painting! Andy has ended up renting my old art studio downtown Olympia - which is a fun trip in itself - and we spent the day painting it some very lovely shades of green.
All in all it was a fabulous weekend - but completely non studio orientented. Well, not my studio anyways!

It is seriously time to kick it in to gear though cuz I've got the Punk Rock Flea Market coming up again in March. Which is where I got this amazing enamled necklace in the picture - I traded with Julia of Metalwing for it. I'm wearing it today for fun and inspiration.
Happy Tuesday everybody - may fun and inspiration come find you!

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