Feathered Flight and Photo Shoots

Thanks to my lovely helper who is pictured here! If it wasn't for her open willingness to play dress up out on the light well of our building then I wouldn't be gushing over the coming together of my website which is finally starting to happen!
It was a pretty full weekend - almost completely covered the floor of my studio on Friday and Saturday night with fresh drying clothing in preparation for the Punk Rock Flea Market. And then Saturday afternoon, during a moment of perfectly overcast and even light, I had my first real photo shoot session involving *gasp* real live people! It was wonderful fun and now I'm not sure how I ever thought that things looked alright on the dress form. No wonder my Etsy sales were few! Hopefully that won't be the case any longer.
It was a weekend of "getting things done" but I did manage to squeeze in a little fun time too. I journeyed down to Olympia to visit the birds, squirrels, the bay and of course, that Andy guy. Was a nice little break from all of the "getting things done" which filled the weekend and will continue throughout this week. Now that I have pictures I'll be clunking away on the website so (fingers crossed!) it can be live in time for the Punk Rock Flea Market this Saturday.
Got to love that self imposed art push - without it I'd just watch mountains of netflix I'm sure =)
That being said I apologize for the lack of posts in advance. I have a feeling that the next time I surface to share news it will be of the grand opening of my new portfolio website!

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Anonymous said...

Looks Fantastic. I miss you. Wish i could go to the punk rock flea market! Hope all is well.

Much Love,