The Punk Rock Flea Market is on it's way again - coming up on March 22nd - and I have a whole spiraling to-do list in preparation. And I'm thrilled. I'm busy busy and it isn't really possible to get it all done... but I'm thrilled. Because it isn't just all for the PRFM... it's for the new website I'm building. It's for the excitement of a future photoshoot of my clothing doodles. It's for the pleasure of my muse herself.
This week has been full. Very full. Filling and sloshing up to the brim. I'm certain that tonight's visit of First Thursday Arts Walk in Pioneer Square will tip me right over the edge. I'm already eager in anticipation for tomorrow night - a studio night! My favorite kind of Friday...

Really though, this week has been inspired and present. I've had multiple moments of feeling my being... my path in this time and place. It's the kind of feeling that when it happens, makes me want to look around and see who's looking because surely, I must be glowing, right?
If I were a wood burned pendant today I would be this one - glowing with the half light of a puget sound evening. Happy First THursday Arts Walking to any and all who plan on stepping out tonight.

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