Space of Studio

This post is inspired by all the super fun fabulous studios that have been posted about over at Poppytalk. As well as the need to vent a bit.

Yes, that is my studio window... and yes - right outside is a concrete wall.

I knew the wall was coming when I moved in - it didn't deter me. Figured I would just enjoy the wonderful water & mountain view while I had it. Now, that view will be enjoyed by the condo owners next door. Tis the way of the world. I'm not upset nor am I bitter. Like I said - I knew it was coming. I'm trying to focus on the positive things that the wall will bring - like how quiet my studio is now that the wall muffles all the hollering Belltown party folk. And how nice and dark it is at night now that the streetlight is blocked.
But during the day I know I'm going to miss the sunshine. The wall has about 5 more stories to grow and once it gets that tall I know my studio will be experiencing some shade.

Oddly enough though, due to some room switching going on in my building, I had the opportunity to change to a room with more light. I gave it some consideration - there are more factors than just light. (For instance the room is on the noisiest side of the building) But the truth is that with or without light, my space feels like home. It's the most at home I've felt in a place for years which means a lot to me. It probably has more to do with me and where I am finally in my journey, but still. I've gotten pretty well rooted in this Space of my Studio.

So here I am in my space which is still enjoying plenty of northern light. Over one shoulder you can see the ladder to my loft nest. Over the other shoulder on the far wall you can see a peek of my inspiration board. The expression shows that I'm still getting used to trying to photograph myself. I'm an odd one when it comes to pictures.

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