Painting direct on kid's clothing is so much more fun and easy than painting direct onto adult clothing - I must admit!

I made a whole batch of these for my holiday shows last year and not only were they quite fun to make, but I've only got a few left. I got the onesies and shirts from the cotton caboodle kids outlet which is in the Market so these guys aren't recycled. But they are still rescued.

I've been refraining from posting the kid stuff to Etsy for 2 reasons. One is that they're freakin adorable and it sure is nice to have a quick stash for all the baby shower gifts I've needed recently! Two is that I don't have a wee one nearby to use as a cute Etsy model.
What do you guys think? Should I just list these without a model? (I would be at least be taking better pictures!)

These thoughts were brought to me today by my Mom who was going to look for a baby shower gift on her lunchbreak today - and I was like "Wait! I've got a stash!"

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