Best laid plans

All my best laid plans and all my energies can be completely lain to waste by one thing:
I have a crummy back. It flares up sometimes and this week it chose to - causes unbeknowest to me.
Saw my massage therapist for it today who has worked wonders for flare ups in the past - and she had to throw up her hands at the end of our hour not sure what else to do but refer me to her Physical Therapist.
I have gotten about 5 other referrals by just about everyone I know. I guess it's good to have some options... but none of them keep weekend hours.
Which means my weekend will be full of a little therapy of my own: regular Ibuprofen, my clawfoot tub and a bottle of rum for when it gets really hollerin' bad. Cheers!
With luck I'll be back to the painting in a few days. Unless anyone out there knows a good magician? If you do - and it works - then I will SO hook you up with some free art.
Love n Ginger Hugs,

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