Sheep Dreams in Progress

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All hail the magical power of the interwebs! Seriously - between Google image search and Flickr, an artist no longer has to linger in the library.

Though I do still linger in the library, it is now for my own enjoyment rather than the hour-long cursing treasure hunt for source imagery that it once was.
Sweet sweet sigh...

This dreamy happy fluffy fella made for a great sketch model for my next painting. I think that posting a bit of the process for this one will be fun - to watch the progress of an oil painting on wood. Let's start with an idea of a sheep dreaming of a wren shall we? Next we'll find an appropriate model to sketch onto our sanded and primed wood surface, such as this fella pictured here. Onwards!

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kecia said...

he's adorable! you should have asked me for an image, i had 2 sheep when i was growing up!