Unexpected Gifts

When I arrived home last night there was this mysterious box sitting at my door. I thought to myself, "hmmm I haven't ordered anything... did I?" I knew I had some test art prints on their way to me but the box was way too large for the small amount of samples I had requested.

Upon further examination it turns out that the box had arrived all the way from NJ by way of my Artfest pal Kecia of Lemoncholys. What a super suprise to have an unexpected belated birthday gift in the mail! I took great care in opening and unwrapping each thing - what you see are the treasures uncovered. The whole experience totally made my day.

Remember keeping pen pals as a kid? What fun! But now in our digital age all our pen pals have become keyboard pals and emails fill in for so much. Which means that whenever even the slightest something special arrives in the mail it is a pure treat. What a feast of a treat this was - super thanks Kecia!

Among lovely little treasures pictured such as the bird's nest, a handmade paper doll, another little doll on a letter S block, a collaged day planner and a sample supply of Kecia's favorite bubble gum was one of her new jewlery pieces she's calling "Bijouterie Novelas". I wonder what the little story is for this piece?

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kecia said...

so glad you enjoyed your mystery box!