Auntie Farewell

I've been sadly absent from my Internet communications since last week and for that I apologize. Punk Rock Flea Market was a fabulous fun whirlwind as always that left me pretty well tuckered with a well deserved day off on Sunday.

Unfortunately, that day off turned right into another whirlwind that whisked me off to the Yakima Valley for a spell to be with family due to the passing of my Aunt.

Eveline (pronounced Eveh-leeene - always have loved that name!) was an inspiration to me and her children - one of which, my cousin Suzie is now a college art professor because of her Mom's encouragement for her to pursue her dreams. Eveline herself recently pursued her own dreams of becoming a writer by publishing a number of books, including In the Pines which chronicled our family before they moved out west from Tennessee. She grew up on Tally Top Mountain and went to school in a one room school house before the family moved to the Yakima Valley to work the fruit orchards.

I'm proud of my humble heritage and it was through Eveline's book that I really came to understand what it all really meant. Stories of homesteading and moonshine, children and canning parties. I'd heard the stories over family dinners but had never really understood just how they used to live.

Tuesday was spent with family mourning her passing and celebrating her life. I'm still recovering a bit and may continue to be a little quiet for awhile. Which is okay.

I have a trip planned tomorrow evening across the water to Port Townsend for the weekend with some girlfriends that I'm quite looking forward to. Giggling is the best and that's my plan =)

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