Handmade Gifts

One of my absolute favorite things about being "the artsy one" in the family is that I have no trouble making hand made gifts. Two years ago one of my close cousins got married and I made a pair of hand painted silk pillows which were gushed over. At the time I neglected to get a picture - silly me.

So this year with the announcement that another close cousin was getting married I knew just what to do. Another pillow pair of course! My sewing skills have drastically improved since the first pair (which were painted on pre-made silk pillow forms from Dharma Trading Co.) so for these I got more creative and had a lot more fun with them.

Natural unbleached Muslin, some scrap brown raw silk for the trim and some saddle brown fabric paint and voila! Lovelies - and oh so easy with the envelope closure. Eventually I'll make some for myself but for now I'll just have to enjoy these pics.
Oh yes and by the way - the wedding was in Wenatchee, WA so now I'm fully stocked on apples & Aplets and Cotlets for awhile! Mmmm!


Kayce said...

Those are beautiful!

Emily said...

fantastic design!