Floating on Down the Pipeline

Calendrawings is a project that has been in the works for some time now. My good friend Betsy and I decided months and months ago that we wanted to collaborate on a calendar this year. We would each use our own style of black line drawings to tie the year together. And today is the day to do just that!
We have both spent weeks and weeks working out a feel and a design for each of our assigned months and I am so super thrilled with the results. It has been mad fun and has reminded me just how much I love collaborations. Now it really feels like fall with a solid collaboration underway!
With luck the calendars will be going to the printer tomorrow and available for sale all wrapped up in their fineries before the end of the month. I'll certainly keep you informed. I've already seen a gabillion gorgeous and amazing independent artist calendars out there for next year but Betsy & I both sincerely hope you'll consider purchasing one of ours!
Click here for a preview of Betsy's sketches.

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