Portland Art & Soul - Pt. 2 Book Signings & Lisa Sonora Beam

I know I know - Portland Art and Soul was over a week ago. I've been having little to no spare time these days so I'm just now getting to continue my blog post catch up. Bear with me - this is good stuff!
On Friday of Art and Soul last week, after my day of class with Katie Kendrick, (see previous post) North Light Books offered a book signing with several of the now famous artist authors who were present at Art and Soul to either teach or learn. And this proves that I've been stationed on a distant planet - but I somehow had NO idea that one of those authors was my friend Julie Collings whom I shared housing with for Artfest this year. How did I miss that amazing news? Go check out her book, Pretty Little Felts - it's darling and just so Julie!

Also present was of course was Kelly Rae Roberts and her new book that has become quite buzz worthy in blogland: (I've seen it EVERYWHERE I don't know bout you) I already had my signed copy of Taking Flight so I just stopped by to say hello. There were so many good books there I wanted to buy them all. Of course I was there without much spending money so I left the book signing empty handed. Or so I thought.
While I was sitting and chatting with my friend Kecia and her friend Z someone approached our table and asked if we'd be interested in a free mini workshop by the author of one of the books. We all were a little tipsy and had finally come to terms with the fact that we never were going to make it out to dinner as planned so we figured why not. And I'm so glad we did.
The workshop was held by Lisa Sonora Beam who is the author of Creative Entrepreneur: A DIY Visual Guidebook for Making Business Ideas Real. I came out of there so infused with possibility that I had no choice but to buy the book. And I totally tried to talk Sonora into letting me host her so she'd come teach up in Seattle. Here's hoping she could see through the "little bit tipsy" side of me to the sincere spark that she set off. The book isn't even available for sale yet - just pre-orders. Which you should go get in line for right now. I started really pouring through it this weekend and it already had me up late wanting to journal and write into the wee hours. The book is drastically different than any other Art Biz book I've gotten. Sonora actually addresses the blocks and struggles that those of us who are creatively minded have difficulties with. And she has come up with some cathartic exercises for how you work through those as well as ways to develop business skills that you as an artist may be lacking. And it is all done in a way us visual folks can understand: Visually!

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