Friday Night Out

On Friday night a friend took me out for an unexpected treat - a trip to the Seattle Art Museum to see their current show on Salish Art as well as a collection of 10 paintings by American master, Edward Hopper.

The Edward Hopper exhibit was interesting - he is definitely one of those artists worth seeing works in person because of the contrast of reality just not found in prints. This piece to the left, "Automat" was my favorite from the show. It brought you right under the florescent lights, out of the night.

As much as I have a long standing love for the darkness & solitude of Edward Hopper, the exhibit on Salish art by far took the show. The breadth of work the SAM had collected was incredible and truly eye-opening. Eye-opening to just how much I don't know about Salish art that is! I highly recommend it if you are anywhere near the SAM.

And the exhibit reminds me to tell you a little story of the roots of my own drawing style. When I was a Sophomore in high school, my choir took a little trip up to Victoria for a competition. During the long bus ride somewhere along the way we stopped at a light next to a plain wooden fence that was painted with this massive Orca all in a black line drawing. My sketchbook was fervently filled thereafter. The style has shifted into more of my own, but tell me - can't you tell the influence?

The icing on the cake for this lovely art filled evening was a stop off at the Triple Door, which I had never been to before, to show support for the Downtown Emergency Shelter at a benefit concert played by local artists Tiny Vipers and the Dusty 45s. Amazing good fun all the way around! Sincere thanks to Neil for getting me out of the studio for an evening. Sometimes, it's just what a girl needs.

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Emma said...

pratt...triple door...SAM...are you trying to make me homesick for Seattle? :P

Oh I'd like to see that painting in particular. People in college said it looked like me! The coffee drinking was a key factor in that...