Snow Days to Christmas to Lopez Days

In case you missed it, Seattle got hit with a crazy amount of snow leading up to Christmas. This is a pic of the iconic Virginia Inn with merry sledders.
Christmas was lovely and white spent down south at my family home in Vancouver. Andy & I had an interesting experience with riding the rails due to the weather. Even though Amtrak has yet to enter our current century technology-wise, and despite the fact that our departing train was over an hour delayed because of the weather (but then, so were we...) it was a pretty sweet way to travel.

Swift on the heels of train travel I continued North with the thaw to hop a ferry to the San Juans for the weekend. My best friend Katie had been working on Lopez Island for the Lopez Community Land Trust - helping to build these lovely affordable homes. So I journeyed north to visit her while she was there. We drove around the whole island and to my city girl astonishment each and every driver that passed us waved. Yes - waved. How lovely is that?

Katie had been told by the locals that THE place to see while on the island was Watmough Bay. She had yet to make it over there since it was located on the opposite side of the island from where she had been staying. So off we went to find it.
The place to see indeed. Even on a cold grey day this bay sheltered by a huge rock wall was absolutely stunning.


Betsy said...

gorgeous bay!!! wow!!!

Rosalie said...

I'm jealous!