Olympia Weekend

I traveled to Olympia this weekend - as I often do - to see Andy & catch up with my friend & past roommate Jenna. Friday night with Jenna turned into silliness at Le Voyeur where I found and snapped this little spot of graffiti. It's one of my favorite yet. Snuggle - what a nice winter sentiment!

That evening it was brought to my attention that Jenna had airbrushed her van in camouflage. Now mind you, Jenna has had a thing for camouflage for some time - so for her, it's fitting. But still, when she told me that her funky maroon van was now decked out in camo I never would have expected this -
By simply airbrushing over leaves & pine with her artist's eye she created the most gorgeous glowing camo I've ever seen. Now half of Olympia is begging her to do theirs too. I don't blame them one bit.

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