Art Filled Days

My days & nights have been pretty filled lately. Which is why getting to spend this past weekend down in Olympia with Andy was such a treat. Even while being away for the weekend I still managed to get some painting time in thanks to my trusty French easel and the use of a lovely temporary second studio. (aka empty corner of Andy's studio)

I returned on Sunday night with enough time to join in on an open studio Encaustics play-session over at Mikal Whoberry's. We spent most of the evening just getting set up with our hotplates, wax & colors so I don't have much to show for it yet but another session will be happening soon. Sincere thanks to Mikal for hosting and showing no fear for a bunch of artists with free reign of his space with hot wax ... SO much fun!
Don't you just love those colors? I really could be falling for this stuff... I'm in so much trouble!

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