April Dappered & Foolish

Happy April!

The NW finally saw a turn into spring-like weather this weekend - hallelujah! A little while ago I cut quite a few inches off my hair in anticipation for such weather. The curly unruliness is amplified however and it's turned into quite a painting disruption unless I pin it up or kick it back by Dad's ol' cap.

I'm not normally prone to taking pictures of myself but April Fool's Day had me feeling quite silly while painting in my dapper cap so I decided to capture the moment. There you have it - the artist bemused at her painting in progress!

The weekend was a pretty great one even though it kicked off on First Thursday with a non-stop downpour that kept folks from wandering too far for Arts Walk. Circus Contraption musicians were roaming the Tashiro Kaplan Building though which livened things up quite nicely. I caught a snap of them here in front of Leslie Stoner's glowing encaustics at La Familia Gallery.

And in other news I finally got a picture of the bamboo panels which were a commission I did for a music studio in Olympia. They sure make the space look fantastic!

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Sara said...

I only just now noticed that everyone pictured in this post is wearing HATS. Guess that is Seattle Spring weather for ya...