My motto today is to enjoy what I have while I have it. Plan A this gorgeously sunny Seattle afternoon was to get a little work done on my laptop up on the roof. Technical difficulties found me in the midst of Plan B instead: drinking iced tea and brainstorming in my journal up on the roof. Not bad.

The past week has been a blur just like this photo I took to commemorate the moment of finally finishing the 4 ft painting I started over a month ago. That's me going "whew!"
And now I'm already onto the next. I have another 2 ft piece of layer upon layers of fur and then I'll be moving onto a tiny series of 3.5 inch by 5 inch - all in line for my solo show in July at La Familia.
Speaking of which I just got into a fun little group show at the gallery for May featuring sketches and the artistic process. The show opens May 7th and should be pretty interesting!

Ever have one of those perfect moments where the music on the radio, the streaking light of sunset and the wind in your hair all line up to perfectly match your mood? I sure did on Friday.
And I took a picture just to see if I could capture it. And I think it kinda worked.

Happy spring out there - enjoy!


dollproject said...

Sometimes plan B really is better. Sounds like a great day :].

Rosalie said...

Good for you for being adaptable. It's a good quality.