The State of Things

10 days till showtime.
10 pieces finished.
At least 10 more to go.

Super thanks for all the wonderful comments on the last post. You guys are keeping me going this weekend. Can you tell who the newest additon on the easel is? I heard so many hilarious iguana stories in the last couple of days that I had no choice. No choice I'm telling you. 
I've been hijacked by an iquana and I won't be coming out till this show is hung - woowho!!


Kristen said...

Hilarious iguana stories? Do tell! I'm really digging your pet shop theme! Good luck in the final preparations and have a GREAT show!!!


karan karla {EnRouge} said...

I love your new paintings of a person holding a pet--there's nothing like that kind of love and I see so much of it in your paintings. Very special.