Of Things to Come

It is rapidly becoming apparent that my style is refining. This studio weekend was headed off by a trip to the Seattle Central Library (one of my favorite places) to gather up some new cds and check out some books on Art Deco (as was suggested to me)

Combine all that together with the wood stain testing I had already been doing and voila! Nouveau Lilies with Seagull in progress. Shown is the finished wood staining with transparent acrylic copper lines and the seagull primed and ready to be painted.

This piece will be headed to a group show later this fall and already I don't want to let it go!

This new direction / refinement / series with the stained line work has my muse SINGING - literally. I cannot remember the last time I let myself go so much to sing my soul out while lost in line work. Feels oh so good!

Overall it has been a very productive time round Studio Saemay. I have even made a brief foray back into playing on fabric thanks to the City of Hope Benefit Auction which is coming up on Sept 11th at Stylus.

The show is curated by Ghost Gallery and artists were asked to participate by painting a slip or corset - either a painting of or a painting on.
Falling feathers and flowers over a Seattle skyline is where I went with the theme. I uses Jacquard Silk dyes, resist and So Soft Fabric paint. The piece came out so soft indeed. Feminine, flow and delicate sheer loveliness!

Using feathers as personal imagery for Hope has inspired me to further pieces. I already have 2 other feather paintings in progress. Although, the 2nd two are showing up on wood instead of slips. 

All in all this makes for one happy artist girl!


Amelia said...

wow, wow, wow, this all looks amazing. Thanks so much for visiting, I was just thinking I need to do a serious load of visiting blogs, the summer has been full and busy!

I love your new work and the slip especially. I wanted to do a dress piece for my show, it ended up being a piece of white sheeting for people to interact with with fabric paint, but I am looking to do some furniture and clothes pieces for the next show. You are soooo inspiring!

I am getting ready to run the third experimental art e-course too, and some live workshops. How is it possible to fit it all in?! :0

Glad to see your creative time is so productive . . . . I definitely go with the staining idea and losing yourself, there is lots of this on the course ;)

Take care,


Sara said...

Wowza yourself - thanks Amelia!

I used to do a LOT of work on fabric and ended up shifting into painting on wood just a couple years ago. It's good to return to the fabric every now and again but the wood is still where it's at for now.
(Though putting the drips on the slip was nearly as fun!)

I love what you do with your fabric pieces and would LOVE to see you work on a slip! Maybe for your next show?

Emma said...

Ooo! The slip is very pretty, and I can't wait to see that seagull when it's done!

Kristen said...

beautiful! I love, love, love art nouveau! (hard to spell though!) so I am excited by the lilies! And your slip looks amazing! Thanks for sharing.