These Sounds of Silence Are

My residency at the Vermont Studio Center is now only mere weeks away. In between now and then there will be a group show opening at City Hall, figuring out how to pack and ship supplies for a month away, finishing 10 5x5 paintings plus 2 commissions.

Okay... deep breath...

AND I've thrown a trip to the Grand Canyon into the mix to visit my dear friend Katie.

Shake, stir, repeat.

No wonder artists are viewed as daffy.
In other news I've added some hand drawn illustration buttons to this blog - whatcha think? 

Loving every second,


The Hope Well said...

I enjoyed looking at your creations.
If you like visit my site:

Kristen said...

I was noticing the new hand-drawn illustrations yesterday and I LOVE them!!!! Adds such a nice touch.


Sara said...

Thanks Kristen!!
Was totally easy to do on the blog - just added them as image links to the blog sidebar. Fun!