Openings and Openings

 The grand opening of CORE Gallery was a strong success last week. Look at this fun crowd!
We even got a write up by City Arts Magazine. Hooray!
I've been feeling like a chick-a-dee in a windstorm these days - blowing and fluttering from one thing to the next. The reality of this move started bearing down on me last week. Not necessarily in a bad way... but more in a way of savoring these last few weeks of still living downtown. Of opening myself wide open for all the changes about to come my way. It's not always an easy thing - this leap taking.

Despite it all, and even though I haven't picked up a paintbrush since Vermont I've been keeping my inspiration bank brimming full. And I owe a huge amount of that inspiration to fellow CORE gallery artist, Janet Fagan. Janet's work has inspired me ever since I first laid eyes on it over a year ago. Lately though she has been working towards her MA and keeping a blog about it. Zanetka suggested that I check it out and wowza - what great stuff!
Janet Fagan
Mixed Media on Panel

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