Call and Response

"Call and Response #1"
Funny thing can happen when you line up several commitments one after the next. You can overbook yourself.
Yes - overbook. Did I admit it out-loud? I think I did.
Here is a little artist life lesson story so hopefully you won't repeat my mistake:

I've had the honor of being invited to exhibit in several shows recently. It is truly flattering and a wonderful sense of "being on the right path" when you no longer have to put yourself out there and submit to a gallery. Huzzah, right? Recently, I got so caught up with that nice feeling that I neglected to fully check my calendar dates.

I had my big solo show booked for April, then in May I followed that up with another solo show for Ballard Art walk along with two group shows. I knew I would have plenty of fresh work from the April show to spread out to the following May exhibitions. Perfect!
"Call and Response # 2"
 And then I was invited to show again for Pioneer Square Art walk in June. I mentally calculated my Spring show schedule and said "Sure! I'm available for June." And thus committed to the show.

What I neglected to realize was that the Ballard show does not come down until mid-June. And I needed to deliver pieces to the NW Fine Woodworking show by June 1st.

I realized this grave error approximately 14 days ago.

So - the "Call" was set and I had no choice but to drop everything else and get back in the studio to "Respond". What came out are three brand new works that deepens my exploration with wood carving. I also continued a theme I had started to play with during the "Birds and the Bones". Looking a source verses product. At our environment and resources and how we use them. The life force and then the by product from that life force. Getting rather hippy-dippy but the results sure are nice.

Sometimes it's worth it to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and forge ahead. Things usually have a way of working out.
"Call and Response # 3"

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