Hitting the Road

Oranges by the truck-full - Borrego, 2010
The long string of art shows are nearly all tucked away.
The commissions are nearly in order.
The window of opportunity is here.
The dreaming, the pondering and the possibility... and a little voice saying "why not?"

I'm about to embark on a journey of nearly 3000 miles. Window down, tunes on and a fresh block of watercolor paper. Am I crazy? Probably. Possibly.

It's been an oddly rough couple of months and I'm craving some time away to clear my head. To reflect on my life and where I want to go from here. Some of the "biggie" questions are laying heavy on my heart and have been for months. Will I raise a family or shall I put my all into my art? Is it possible to do both? Or do I need to just forget both and runaway to Kathmandu to join up with the Sherpa community? (Just kidding! Or am I?)

I don't know if 3000 miles in my car will help clear my head or not. It might just make me more insane.
Or it might be that clarity of perspective I've been craving for so long.

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