Gone 'a Visiting

I've been out and about this past week having adventures. Things work out that way sometimes (kind of often round these parts methinks?)
I was initiated into the realms of tool safety by the West Seattle Tool Library which I'm now a member. I will be returning there soon to build some painting panels.

 There was a ferry boat ride on a perfect morning followed by a trip to the Dungeness with my friend Katie followed by an evening of much talking whilst we baked cauliflower pizza and homemade key lime pie.

A beautiful weekend on the Peninsula was followed by a beautiful supper on Sunday with the kitchen Goddess extraordinaire, Betsy. She hosted "Fakesgiving" to test out new and "weird" recipes. None were "weird"- all were delightfully delicious! Bread free stuffing? Yeah, in theory it's "weird" but I loved it. Mmmm.
And then there were pumpkins. Pumpkins which begged to have their faces revealed. Pumpkins and pumpkin pie with friends Kirsten and Matthew.

 I also spent an some time visiting and catching up with my artist friend, Kellie Talbot. And through her got to catch up with young Gus the studio duck - who last I saw was not nearly so interactive. I'd love to paint him if he'd just hold still for a second!
And no - he isn't radioactive - Kelly just has this amazing duck light on her deck. Pretty fabulous!

 I walked from my house on Beacon Hill to my job north of the Pike Place market yesterday and was amazed that it took less time than I thought. About an hour. Would have been less if I didn't keep stopping to enjoy the views.
 Last night was Pioneer Square Arts Walk which I enjoyed with my friend Bill.
 I really loved this collaborative conversation between artists Mark Hipple and Allison Kline at the Angle Gallery:

Now I'm off to finish my house projects and unpack the last box. Maybe...

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