Art Binging

Visiting Gallery 206 at Ghost Gallery
 I've been gluttonously art binging. Yes. Three art walks in two days, guerrilla film making a viewing, creative collaboration playing and paint-o-thon-in. Yes oh yes.
Last Friday's Opening of "Pretty, Sexy, Girly, Dirty" at Bherd

Discovery of a new favorite local artist, Sarah Bear
Collaborative Play

And of course, I've been painting.

Even got in some creative collaboration time with some friends including the talented Betsy Schairer. We attacked a panel with a gusto of color and had a marvelous time.

One week until I hang this show and there are still countless pieces "in progress".  I'm buzzing with inspiration and energy - there are ALWAYS so many more pieces that I want to do and so many more ideas that I have during this pre-show crunch time.

It's kind of like going on a major binge - but in an oh-so-good soul-food sorta way!

Will they become artworks in time?

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