Seven Days of a Beautiful Life

 This whole month I've been calendar booked. One fantastic thing after the next and I think I finally get what I've been doing.
Embracing my beautiful life here in Seattle with all the amazing people I am blessed to call friends.
There have been Skate Parties and Sewing Parties.

There was an evening chuckling over and enjoying my favorite childhood film on the big screen. 
Can you guess what it is?
Here's another hint: Tom Cruise & Tim Curry
What? Still don't know what I'm talking about? How bout this:

On Thursday I enjoyed a wonderful play based on a Thousand Nights and a Night performed by Brightwater's sixth grade class whose teacher (and playwright) is a dear friend. I sincerely loved seeing her classroom where she works her beautiful work and the Brightwater school itself made me wish I could be a student there. 
I mean - how come we don't have cubbies anymore as adults? I think the world needs more cubbies.
 And then there was yesterday which was my first full day off in what felt like ages. 

I spent it by journeying around Vashon Island to visit with fellow artist Grace Willard. We went on microcosm seeking hikes, toured a circuit of local farmstands and bought way too much tea. (Err - I bought way too much tea.)

Fern Cove

Estuary Nurse Log Microcosm
Flowering mosses
 Coming soon to a painting near here - BARNACLES!

Something about their clingy-crusty ways is calling to me...
Good thing today is a painting day.

PS: Can I move in here? This sat right on the shore overlooking the estuary tides. See the little yellow chair inside?

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