SAM Gallery and West Seattle Art Walk

I like to use this blog as a space to capture little bits and things that inspire me. Perhaps I should give printerest a try?
Last night while out and about I sparked on monotypes by Lynn Brofsky (getting excited for my upcoming printmaking residency!) Pictured above is "Trophy" which was so softly rendered I was thrilled to discover that it was a monotype.
I also deeply fell for "Sky" by Nichole DeMent. Layered encaustic but what snagged me was just how much of the wood grain showed through. Gave me chills!
And over at Wallflower in West Seattle RobRoy Chalmers had a great new "Sporazan Swarm" installed.
What took me by surprise however were the drawings on paper by Misha Huntting at Twilight. Pictured above was my favorite, "A Fitting or a Fitting End". These portraits sparked me so much that I had to come home and draw myself!
Hooray for that indeed.

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lynnbrofsky said...

Thanks for the kind comment and post. Lynn