Welcome to the Neighborhood

"The Wild Called, Will Call Again and Wants to Speak with You" was the title of a small little intuitive artwork I made some years ago. Here in the wilds of Donegal nestled at the foot of Mount Errigal surround by an expanse of bogland, sheep fields and roofless old stone cottages that phrase has come to mind.

I think I finally answered the call. Not a moment too soon either.

The journey to get here was a long but fulfilling one. The road I travelled looped from Seattle to New York and then over to Dublin. A few days exploring the urban streets and places I had only read about and then it was onwards to the little medieval town of Kilkenny where I saw a superb art exhibit in the basement of a castle and met a master chocolatier.

From Kilkenny the route turned west through artful Limerick and into a day's pause in the village of Doolin. By far the best sunset walk of the whole trip winding my way up towards the Cliffs of Moher followed by the most incredible and talented session of music I had yet to experience. I was sad to leave the following morning but my boat had been booked and would leave without me if I had lingered. So onto the boat to the largest of the Aran Islands: Inishmor of the horse drawn carts and the gimmicky but somehow genuine tour bus drivers and a personal pilgrimage to an ancient sacred site: Dún Aonghasa where the half circle fort embraces the cliff edge. The pouring down rain ensured a moment with the place all to myself - a small miracle in itself where I belted my Thanks to the sea and Universe. So in awe of actually being here.

Back to the mainland after that and into Galway for walks and watercolors while staying at my now favorite and artsy B&B - Kilcullen House. (If you're ever in Galway...) The strange coincidence of a friend of mine having had spent a summer working in that very B&B (unbeknowest to me when I booked I swear!) just added to the charm.

From Galway I bid farewell to urban and caught a bus going north north north. And here I be finally - after 10 years of wanting and Co. Donegal does not disappoint. The beauty of this place is heart achingly expansive. Rolling turf and mist shrouded mountains. Tiny roads and sheep spotted green.

And as if that wasn't enough I also happen to be staying in a place with full unbridled access to an incredible print shop in a dream-like family community. Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc is everything I imagined it to be and more.

This is place with unreliable Internet however so I fear I've had quite the trouble getting my current pictures uploaded. For now you will just have to feast your eyes on my Flickr page which is shot full of images from the journey.


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