Time has passed... as it often does.

The new year and new age have moved into being. And no, I have not forgotten you dear reader. There just hasn't been all that much to say. Or, there has been an overwhelming amount of too much to say.

There was a little flurry of art deadlines followed closely on the heels by the Holidaze and house guests. But even that isn't really why I haven't popped in to say 'ello. I've been resting. Taking-in... Wintering over... Hibernating. And following my creative muse down a rabbit hole of writing that I did not expect.

But fear not! The seeds are germinating and I know my fingers will itch for paint again soon.

In the meantime, may I recommend a visit to Ghost Gallery? A very intriguing show of print makers will be on exhibition this month, including the Ireland works of yours truly:

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