In Deep

"In Deep" watercolor on paper, 6" x 9"

Some people find winter in the NW with it's insistent rain and grays oppressive, but I've always been the opposite. Gray, dreary days play to my muse, allowing indulgence in all the indoor activities I adore.  I've actually been up to quite a lot but barely remember to take a pause and share. Let's catch up, shall we?

There have been studio days rich with color.
I've been playing with continuations of destroying paintings in order to create something new. Case in point, the above color play is now in this Frankenstein phase:

I took a class on iphone art and have grown greatly addicted. Sometimes just for sketches and quick composition ideas, but others have grown into full blown digital "paintings". 
"Chief" - digital painting
"Defense" - digital painting
As an intuitive place to post these virtual artworks, I finally joined my generation and started an instagram account at saemaysae. I don't know why I was so reluctant beforehand - it's a wealth of beauty and inspiration and the format agrees with me more than any other social medium I've tried. 

Another wonderful winter pursuit has been a renewal of the "practice" of drawing. I teamed up with fellow artist Claire Brandt to encourage each other back into regular life drawing sessions. Just like the gym, I don't necessarily want to go on a dark, rainy night, but always leave feeling SO glad I went. 

And as a secondary piece to that, I bought an annual pass to the Volunteer Park Conservatory. There's nothing better than walking into the cactus house on a cold, rainy day, sketchbook in hand.

And lastly, I sat on my first big curatorial selection panel earlier this week. Armed with snacks and some great juror software, I was part of a curator panel for CoCA's 35th Anniversary Member show. It was super fun and actually easier than I thought to review nearly 1400 submissions from 195 artists. Looking forward to seeing this show installed across three locations next month! 

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