Finally! A productive evening was had. Even painted some Rekoj kid clothes. Guess I needed to just rant out that last post to kick me into gear...

And here we have it - I'm finally posting some of my actual work on the blog. I have been completely reluctant to. So many Internet copyright horror stories have been instilled into me that I've had this blog for... wow... a near year and have yet to really share my work. I'm such a Luddite sometimes - I swear I'm a member of the techno age I swear!

But really, I think that it is because the work I do is so simple and graphic in nature I know that it would be quite easy for someone to go off and come out with a sudden mass produced tshirt line or a soda pop flyer or who knows what. And that would hurt. Really hurt. Since so much of my methodology is about uniqueness and one-offs --- Of taking a simple black line drawing that could easily be a screen print but painting it direct to the shirt. Only making one.

Yet, even as I write this I can feel myself wanting to shift. I want to explore wood block prints and art prints. It has more to do with my own sense of the advancement of time rather than anything else. I just can never seem to make enough. It's the problem of doing one of a kinds - you can only do one at a time! Yet one of my long time rationales with myself is that painting an image directly on the shirt takes less time than setting up a screen or carving a block... and I don't get image bored this way either. It's a pushypull.

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Tomorrow Girl said...

The sheep and squirrel are my favorite!