The studio table has gotten a little dusty. I've been working on small things. I've been playing with colors and line on paper, shying away from the clothing. My focus is either zooming in or scoping out and I can't tell which.
I continually set out with the intention of a lengthy studio night where I doodle on duds, scribble on skirts or paint on patches... but then ... well, life happens? I continually find myself curled up on the couch with a sketchbook or sprawled on the floor, coloring with my bare feet kicked up.
Do I need to check in with my declared artistic purpose? Have I just hit a bumpy spot or am I really wanting to go in a different direction? And if it is a different direction then, well, what the heck direction is that?
I took a month off I Heart Rummage to let myself play. To follow this little path and take a break. Yet here it is, two weeks until show time and I have yet to return. I even had a dream/nightmare where I was at IHR with absolutely nothing new and the girl with the booth next to me was telling me it was all okay - she didn't have new stuff either and no one noticed. I'm thinking of just following that dream and showing up at I Heart Rummage without a single new thing. Stop stressing on myself about output and just let it be. It would mean some serious spring clearance sale that's for sure!
I spent a little bit of time this afternoon rekindling my knowledge of prints. Got a wiggle of a new direction starting up. And also, you know, it doesn't have to be a new direction - just some new fuel to the fire. Cuz no matter my feelings and desires to work on new things, I still got plenty of old to fill the rack at Rummage next weekend. Maybe I'll just run with it and bring some funky new little woodblock print greeting cards to test the waters with...
I'm going to give it a go tonight in the studio and well, I guess I'll see. Maybe tomorrow will find an update of "Oops, nevermind." If it works, I promise to preview the newbies!

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