Denting the Mountain

You may or may not have noticed that there was a "real" website link down at the end of the interview in the last post. It is my soon to be online portfolio http://www.rekojdesign.com/.

Right now it is linking direct to the page you are reading now. I just don't have the capacity to get it up and running in time for Bumbershoot but I wanted to be able to get my new business cards made so there you have it.

RekojDesign.com will be my second attempt at a website. My first had a marvelous portfolio of very outdated work. I would have just updated the content, except being older and wiser I realized the original domain name was quite... ahem... bad. We'll leave that in the past where it belongs...

Securing the domain has been yet another little craft business item checked off my to do list. One that has been ongoing for at least a year now.
Not any longer. Now it has become a time of movement and momentum. It has already become apparent that "Denting the Mountain" is my theme for the week. The month even! Just last night I enjoyed a lengthy phone conversation with a close friend of mine who is attempting the illustrious American classic dream of trying to "make it in LA." She was falling into a heap of overwhelms and I was trying to encourage her out of it by telling her to take one little step at a time. Just tackle one thing each day and intake all you can towards fulfilling your goals.

Because doing one little thing today brings you a lot closer to the tomorrow that you want than if you had done nothing.

Denting the Mountain is what I have been putting into practice for the past month. Ever since I returned from Yachats. I wrote a list the day after I got back and was surprised to find out this weekend that every single item had been checked off. It seemed like so much a month ago... and now it is gone. Now it is time for a new list.

And then after all that, I come into work this morning and my Note From the Universe today was this:

The number one reason most people don't start what they want to start, is because they think their simple, little efforts won't even dent the mountain they wish to move.
But little do they know, Sara, that's exactly how the mountain was formed.
I was there - The Universe

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