The Bag I Carry

This was one of the first large over the shoulder day bags I ever made. I ended up keeping it for myself because I didn't get the zipper put in right on the side I meant to - it ended up on the back. Ah the joy of the learning curve with zippers! It also was the first multi-color hand painted design I had done on textiles and it turned out quite striking. So striking that it ends up being a conversation piece with strangers quite often. One such person asked me about it when I was on vacation in Yachats, OR. I gave her my card and told her that I would make her one if she wanted. To my surprise, she actually contacted me after all - yay!
This post is for her. Thanks for admiring my bag and making my day! I can't wait to make you one of your very own. This time with the zipper in the right place... =)

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