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ShopEtsy is a new blog being written by fellow EtsyRain member ScaryWhiteGirl. She decided to start ShopEtsy as a place where she could write "about the people and the crafts that make Etsy one of my absolute favorite websites. Starting with the ladies (and gentlemen) of EtsyRain, this blog will examine shops and sellers in detail."

So she asked me a bunch of fun questions and she has an article in works. Once it is posted I'll include the link here.

In the meantime I thought it would be fun to share the interview itself with you!

1. Real name: Sara
2. Location:Seattle, WA
3. Age:26

4. What ther stuff do you do besides make art?
Paid the bills and supported the art habit through a 5 year stint as an event planner for a high school reunion company in Olympia, WA. Currently I'm doing the same bill paying bit by work as an administrative assistant / graphic designer for a real estate development firm here in Seattle.

5. How did you first get started with crafts / artwork?
Have always drawn and doodled for as long as I can remember. The black line drawings that are my signature style today developed during college lecture courses as a doodling way to keep myself awake. One professor noticed and commented on all the madness in the margins when reviewing my class notes and told me that I should "do something" with them. Which prompted an art show of the graphic line doodles. Only a few sales but it was a fun experience. A year or so after that – 2003 I think – I began taking notice of this awesome little artist collective where I lived at the time in Olympia WA – the Olympia Clothing Project. It was a collective of local designers and crafters running a retail shop to sell accessible designer wearables. Somehow, that led to the idea of "what if I could put my doodles on clothing?" and I've been hand-painting clothes, bags, cuffs, wallets, checkbook covers and accessories ever since.

6. How long have you been crafting / making art?
Since I made my first mud pie monster at age 2?

7. How long have you been selling your crafts / artwork (through any venue)?
Since joining the Olympia Clothing Project in November of 2003.

8. How long have you been selling on Etsy?
Started an Etsy shop in May of 2006 before completely uprooting my life a few months after to move into a low income Arts cooperative in Belltown Seattle. I spent about 6 months before and after dealing with the joys of moving from a 3 bedroom house with a seperate studio into a 250 square foot room and getting situated. Also part of which time I went on a 2 month art retreat where I worked on my painting – another joy of mine but have yet to sell any "fine art" or prints on etsy. Mostly because I haven't looked into it yet!

9. What sorts of crafts / artwork do you sell in your Etsy store?
Hand painted one-of-a-kind goodies – up cycled tees and bags made from rescued materials that I then embellish by hand painting graphic line drawings.

10. What items have you found to be particularly popular sellers in your Etsy store?
So far anything I've done with a bird on it has sold. Other more "out there" animals like the octopus don't seem to do so well… poor neglected octopus!

11. Which of your items is / was your favorite to make, and why?
Currently my favorite is this new line of wood burned pendants that I have been making. It is probably my favorite because it is new! I've been burning my designs into the wood and then embellishing with little touches of acrylic paint before varnishing the whole piece and attaching it to a cord and chain for easy wearable portable art. I'm wearing one this very moment actually. Last month it was baby clothes because I had 4 girlfriends all having baby showers. Depending on my mood my designs can easily go from elegant wear for the conscious hipster to uber cute adornment for the sassy kid!

12. Please give me the URLs for one or two of your pieces that you want me to feature in the article.New Favorite Pendant: http://bp3.blogger.com/_i_VxFM9rXf8/RraoLx2siFI/AAAAAAAAAF0/c6b9zINzY_I/s1600-h/cherry.JPG

Mentioned Octopus: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=6161707

13. Do you do custom work?

I love working with people on custom designs – if someone gives me a shirt, skirt, jacket or hoodie that they already love and it fits them but they want to embellish it with a design I'm happy to oblige. I can hand paint a line drawing of any flora, fauna, person or thing that you wish. Price depends on the size of work.

14. "Additional Resources" section of the article.http://www.rekojdesign.com/
Currently linked to go direct to my blog but is the future site of my new online portfolio.

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ambika said...

What is it with birds? I swear, I thought this trend would have died ages ago.

And my friend Tyler loves octopi. I'm sure he'd be sad to think of them being neglected.

Also, will check out Seaplace (hopefully) while in Portland. The website looks gorgeous.