Weekend Recap

A quick update to let you all know that the Punk Rock Flea Market officially well... ROCKED!

It was so much fun, way laid back with chill music all day and lots of shoppers. I shared a booth with Betsy of Baddins Design who also rocks and we had a great time trying to outsell each other's stuff as we admired all of the fabulous outfits that came down the stairs in front of us.
Also in attendance were some of my favorite artsy friends: Anna Perrone Designs, Florid Disposition, those lovely ladies of Knelow Cosmetics and Dawn of Scary White Girl. Also got to see the lovely Ambika who came just to shop! She scored a gorgeous yellow shrug made by Miss Betsy of Baddins that looked perfect on her! (Can't wait to see if she posts pictures on her blog...)
The day was topped off by being able to trade jewelry with Julia of Metalwing. I'm wearing my new enamel pendant today... I wonder if she is wearing her wood burned squirrel =)

Sunday was filled with I Heart Rummage crazies which sadly wasn't anywhere near as busy as the previous day. The slow day made for some great networking though. I had a little meet up with Rosalie of UglyBaby to talk about daydreams (might be something up our sleeves)
I also had a great connection with the inspiring Jenna of Chimaera Creations.

Logically I should be exhausted... but overall I'm happily inspired just to do more!

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