DPD Jungle

An unexpected trip out into the rainy wet to pick up some plans from Seattle's Department of Planning and Development was my artsy afternoon experience. Elevator lobbies that only go so far and then you must switch to a different lobby to continue and the rustle bustle of thousands of workers on lunch in the concourse on the main floor. It was all astounding really and my muse just rattled her cage the whole time. Not to mention coming across this fabulous newsstand with a rainbow of magazines and right there was the magazine that Kelly Rae had published an article in (Cloth, Paper Scissors) so I went in to buy it and ended up not being able to let go of 3 others. (Juxtapoz, American Craft and good ol' Bust) An unexpected splurge but now I have little pockets of inspiration stashed at my desk – yum!
And what exactly is this fabulous illustration you ask? A "commission" for an African safari returning co-worker that's what. Yep - drawing at my desk and I didn't even have to pretend I wasn't. Sweet!

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Emma said...

I love the illustration, it's great! I just picked up the new bust too, I'm particularly fond of the article on how make your own Damien Hirst skull. Only $360 compared to the $99million for the real thing!
Thanks for the nice comments on my blog btw. :)