Travel to Sumac

This past weekend brought me a new love in my life…Sumac. It is the plant you see pictured here and at this time of year it is streaking the desert hills with the most brilliant bursts of color. It was a reprieve to travel out of Seattle these past two days. I got on Interstate 90 early Saturday morning, armed with my coffee and an apple muffin. Snoqualmie Pass was spectacular. I feel quite daft for not realizing the mountains and the forest were so … right there.
And then the sweeping descent into the Yakima valley that followed? Spectacular. For me the “fall colors” in the desert take the cake on any New England deciduous.
Not only was the desert shape shifting itself into the fall of subtle greens, burgundies and golds, but my return journey on Sunday was under a rain cloud. Rain. Rain in the desert like I have never had the pleasure of experiencing before. The softness to the air and the rich loamy earth smell. I took the Old Canyon highway between Yakima and Ellensburg yesterday on my return and I ended up stopping what felt like every half mile to take another picture. Photographs will never capture it though. The richness of color.
Today, all I want to do is start painting after painting. I want to take that leap into the unknown of full time artist. Just so I have some ACTUAL time to paint all these paintings I want to paint.
Now would be a fabulous time for a return of my insomnia…

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