Illustration Friday - Scale

"Inspiration Battles the Overwhelmed"
Watercolor & Coffee stains, unfinished

This week has been insane. For 3 days in a row I didn't have a lunch break to myself. And every single evening was booked with something. Let it be noted here and now - I will NEVER do that again unless I absolutely have to. I am NOT allowed! Because the outcome of it all was that the week left me cranky without any studio time.
Somehow, in stolen moments, I was able to partially paint my illustration Friday piece for the week's theme of "Scale". It is not finished. Here is my post of lame excuses and shame.
More than anything I'm just bummed that I couldn't steal enough moments this week to finish it. And apologies for the sub-par photo. Even today's lunch felt like stolen moments.
I decided to use the theme of scale in a way that expressed some of my emotions from my previous post "Inspiration Battles the Overwhelmed".
The pigeon is there because the sound of pigeon wings is what partially inspired the inspiration and frustration in the previous post. And pigeons are everywhere here and I've wanted to paint one for quite some time. Lovely slate blues and shimmery greens. Oddly enough despite they're dislike by the general public, they can be pretty gorgeous. And the sound of wings stirs my soul on fall days such as these.

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Emma said...

Your pigeon is very pretty. Reminds me that I've been wanting to read this book about them.